Catering Menu & Prices


Call for prices for parties over 25 people. (804) 359-1224

Bocado del Cielo Crispy, hand-rolled spring roll stuffed with shrimp & cream cheese, served with zesty tomato sauce


Boquerones con Vinagre

White anchovies marinated with fresh garlic, parsley, and our vinaigrette sauce


Empanada con Cangrejo

stuffed with crab meat & roasted red pepper


Gambas al Ajillo

Gulf shrimp in our special garlic sauce


Calamares Fritos

Fresh-cut fried calamari served with spicy red sauce 


Mejillones al Vapor

Mussels in white wine lemon sauce 


Vieras ala Plancha con Salsa Albaca

Pan seared sea scallops in a spicy pesto sauce 



Catalana Bruschetta

Grilled bread, Jamon Serrano, Manchego cheese on bed of our house tomato sauce


Chorizos Espanoles

Spanish sausage, flambeed


Datiles con Jamon

Dates wrapped in Jamon Serrano ham & grilled


Empanada con Chorizo

Stuffed with Spanish chorizo & Manchego cheese


Lagrimas de Pollo

Chicken marinated in white wine vinegar, garlic, & herbs, lightly breaded & fried


Pincho de Pollo Moruno

Chicken marinated with white wine, garlic, & smoked paprika, skewered & grilled


Croquestas de Pollo y Jamon

Chicken & ham croquettes


Plato de Queso y Embutudos


Spanish cheese & meat plate 


Patatas Bravas

Fried potatoes covered with a spicy tomato sauce & side of paprika aioli


Tortilla Espanola

Spanish style potato & onion frittata


Berenjenas a la Suecana

Eggplant, grilled & topped with our homemade marinara sauce & Manchego cheese


Empanada Con Pisto

Stuffed with green & red peppers, garlic, mushrooms sautéed in a red wine reduction


Pan a la Mediterranea 


Flat bread grilled & topped with marinated artichokes, mixed spanish olives, roasted red peppers, garlic, & Manchego cheese melted on top 

Plato de Quesos .


Variety of Spanish cheeses 

Salsa y Pan 


Our special tomato salsa served with toasted bread 

Mixed Spanish Olives



House Speciality Please Allow 45 Minutes to Cook

Paella Mixta 


Rice, chicken & variety of seafood 

Paella de Pollo


Rice, chicken 

Paella Vegetariana 


Rice, garden Vegetables 

Fideaua de Carne


Pasta, Spanish chorizo, pork tenderloin, Jamon Serrano ham, white beans, & onions. 


Arroz del Jueves


Smoked paprika rice with pork & garden vegetables 

Arroz del Sabado


“Saturday’s Rice” saffron rice with shrimp & spicy sausage 

Arroz Vegetariano


Smoked paprika rice with garden vegetables 

Ravioli Vegetariano 


Spinach & cheese ravioli in a mushroom & three cheese cream sauce with a hint of nutmeg 

Pasta de Cabello de Angel 


Angel hair pasta with a shrimp & asparagus in a smoked paprika cream sauce